Anglo-Dutch Forces at Waterloo (nearly complete)
  French Forces at Waterloo (complete)
  French Imperial Guard at Waterloo (lots here)
  Prussian Forces at Waterloo (complete)
  Austrian Forces at Austerlitz (some here)
  The Road to Baylen
  Information on Uniforms (some here)
  Orders of Battle
The Waterloo sections deal with the forces that actually fought at Waterloo so do not include either detached Brigades and Divisions or Prussians that didn't make it in time although I may include these later.

I have also added a section for the Austrians at Austerlitz; because we re-fought (Liphook Historical Wargames Club) the battle in Feb 2006 (25/28mm at 1:60) and Austrians have very nice uniforms.

We also re-fought Jena (1:50) so I have added some pictures of my early Saxons; I used SYW Prussians from Front Rank as being close enough.

In 2007 we fought two Russian battles Eylau (1:60), Friedland (1:50), so I have added some of the Russians I painted to the gallery as well.

In 2008 we have fought so far Medina (1:40) and Baylen (1:40) and Vimero (1:40), see my Baylen Gallery above.

In 2009 we have fought Aspern-essling, Wagram, Sacile and Corunna

The aim is to illustrate the uniforms of those that took part in Napoleonic battles and gather together all the information into one place as a handy reference for wargamers and painters out there. The figurines are either Front Rank ( or in the case of the Prussians, Foundry ( and the excellent Calpe Miniatures ( To find other Napoleonic sites on the web visit here ( or here

If you are interested in wargaming large Napoleonic battles visit our next battle is Bussaco in Sep 2010 and then Hohenlinden in December a little out of sequence but we didn't have time earlier and 1810 was a quite year.

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