How to build a Model Railway

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Episode 5 - The Cutting

As the layout will be quite flat I decided to add at least something dramatic - so the next module to add was a cutting. This actualy started in my head as a tunnel - but it got too complicated when I started to think of having to have a lift off bit to allow access to the trains in the tunnel.

  The pictures below show the end result which just needs a bit more scenery adding



  The rock face was made with standard filling plaster against a card base and shaped to look vaguely rock like. It supposed to be limestone so I spryed it with a base color of brown and reddy brown weathering ink so you get a light coverage on the plaster followed by matt varnish sprayed from sufficiently far away that it dries before hitting the surface so it gives a grainy quality. I then touched it up with off white followed by some vigorous drybrushing with white.
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