Micro Professor 1 - Basic Stats
Speed 2.5MHz(1.79MHz)
Word length 8bit
ROM 2k(4k)
RAM 2k
Graphic Modes 0
Text Modes 6 Digit Display


Date 1979


Micro Professor 1

As far as I am able to discover MPF-I has two variants distinguished only by the board version number, PB820010-9A and higher had an upgraded ROM which provided a larger address space. My variant is the later one as you can see from the PB number on the board pictured opposite.

As a later upgrade a 2k EPROM containing a BASIC Intepreter could be fitted in the spare EPROM socket or the ROM could be replaced with a 4k combined Monitor/BASIC Intepreter designated MPF-IB as seen opposite. This kept the EPROM socket free, other than this there was no difference between the upgrades.

The upgrades came with a rather cute keboard overlay that showed which BASIC keywords were generated by which key.

You could also get a Speech synthesizer board based on Texas Instruments TMS5200/5220 and a EPROM programmer board


The full hardware spec is as follows:

CPU - Zilog Z-80 with 158 Instructions, 2.5MHz max clock rate, system clock 1.79 MHz

ROM - Single +5v EPROM 2k or 4k

RAM - Static RAM 2k

Memory Expansion - Single +5v EPROM or Static RAM (2k-4k)

I/O Port -

1. Programmable I/O port - 24 parallel I/O lines for keyboard scan and LED display control

2. Programmable P10 - 16 parallel I/O lines

3. Programmable CTC - 4 counter timers

Display - 6 digit 7 segment red LED

Keyboard - 36 keys - 19 Function, 16 hex-decimal keys and 1 user definable key

Speaker - 2.25" diameter

User Expansion - On the right of the board was a 1.36" x 3.5" wire wrapping area

Audio Tape Interface - 165 Baud transfer rate

System Clock Rate - 3.58MHz crystal divided by 2

Power consumption - Single 5v supply, consumption 5mA

Dimensions - 15.75cm x 22.30cms


The EPROM Programmer Board

The board could be connected to the MPF-I or MPF-P and it came with a 4k monitor programme on EPROM. EPROMS of up to 8k can be programmed, the only difference in use is that when used with the MFP-I read and writes have to be performed twice.


The MPF-I came with some impressive manuals


Micro Professor 1P - Basic Stats
Speed 2.5Mhz
Word length 8bit
ROM 8k
RAM 4k
Graphic Modes 0
Text Modes 1


Date 1983