Gods Family Tree



Ra - Chief God, Sun God, Creator God, Pilot of Solar Boat

Anubis - God of Death, Judger of Souls.

Shu - God of Air, Father of Gods, God of Wind

Tefnut - Goddess of Moon and Mist

Isis - Goddess of Magic, Goddess of healing, Great Mother

Osiris - God of Dead, God of Resurrection, God of underworld, God of Fertility.


Horus the Elder- Helmsman of Solar Boat


Seth - God of Darkness, God of Evil, God of Chaos, God of Storms, The Red God

Nephthys - Lady of the House, Represents Death, decay and darkness

Horus the younger - Sun God, Protector of Souls.

Sekhmet - Goddess of War, another form of Hathor

Hathor - Goddess of Love and Beauty, Sky Goddess, Great Mother, Greets the Dead.

Neferten - God of perfume and fragrance.

Ihy - Personification of Joy

Imhotep -God of Science, God of Magic, God of Medicine

  Ptah - God of Creation, Lord of Maat