WIMP Programming - Intro


I always found programming the WIMP on RISCOS computers a remarkably tedious and time consuming process even with a template editor so when the likes of WimpBasic came along I took it up with enthusiasm; trouble is I was too much of an old fashioned (very non-visual) programmer to ever feel comfortable with it (unless I'm getting paid of course), I like to see the flow of the program not have loads of modules scattered all over the place. My WIMP days were numbered until I discovered Dr Wimp see http://users.argonet.co.uk/users/rayfavre/drwimp.html for details. It takes the pain out of windows but still gives you the feeling that you are in control of the program.


I describe some of my early conversions from non-windowed programs to Dr Wimp versions here; the descriptions can be selected from the menu on the left; to download the actual programs select download, you get them all in one archive. This is not a tutorial on Dr Wimp I assume you I have read the docs provided with the package and know the basics.

The first one demonstrates what I call the 'option selectors'; the user selects from a whole list of options and something is calculated. When written in standard BBC Basic they are linear (see BBC BASIC page for non WIMP versions), you work your way through the list of options and a result pops out the end. When WIMPed these are 'one window' programs that you can change different options on the hoof, there are no menus on the taskbar icon just a click and go..

The second is a mini cardbase type program that allows data to be entered (in this case an address book) and it can be stored in a file on disk.It illustrates some general principles rather than being a particularly usefull program. The third program uses these principles to store its own data.

The third is work in progress on converting a rather long program I wrote at the back end of the 80's to manage a wargames campaign as well as having to calculate lots of stuff it needs to allow for the entry and saving of data. It uses multiple windows, submenu on the task bar etc..

All options not available yet will update as I get it done