This part of my website is dedicated to BBC Basic whether used in its native form on RISCOS or using BBC Basic for Windows on a PC (BB4W). I have written a fair amount since the language hit the streets on the good old BeeB in 1983, some of what I have done is flung on this website. And yes all the computers illustrated are mine, sad isn't it.

The A3000
My Old Computers
The BBC Master


The programs I write are usually either to do with my jobs over the years, hobbies (mostly wargames) or whatever flies into my head; they are not necessarily of any intrinsic value to anybody else. I am sticking them here as 'examples' that can be changed, have bits nicked out of them etc etc to do other stuff. There are also procedures I have found useful over the years. If you want Basic BASIC tutorials try Richard Weston's site

The Acorn Laptop
The A5000
The Archimedes

If you are not lucky enough to own a RISCOS computer you can get BBC Basic for Windows from here: or an emulation of RISCOS from here:

Last updated 12 July 06

The WIMP and BBC Basic - RISCOS only
Raw BBC BASIC - RISCOS or Windows PC